Road Communication Pathways

Harta cai ferate Romania

Cluj  is crossed by European road E60 (Bucharest-Oradea-Budapest-Vienna)

Cluj county road stretching over a length of 2451 km, including 342 km of roads are national roads upgraded 298 km, 2109 km of county roads.

Cluj county is crossed southwest corridor linking Bucharest to Budapest

In terms of road access, it is possible through the European road DN1C/E576 ensuring connection with any county road that crosses national or European region. The area is crossed by the Pan-European Corridor southwest linking Bucharest to Budapest.


Distances :

Arc Parc Industrial — Bors Custom: DN1/E60 186 KM to Est

Arc Parc Industrial – Custom Nădlac – E671 367 KM south

Arc Parc Industrial – Custom Halmeu – DN1C 152 km north

Arc Parc Industrial Custom – Giurgiu – 538 KM south DN7/E81

Arc Parc Industrial – Cluj-Napoca Airport – E576 39.6 KM

Arc Parc Industrial – Bucharest E60 500 KM

Arc Parc Industrial – Port Constanta-DN13 676 KM