Arc Parc Industrial

Representing the first private Industrial Park in Cluj, the idea of its development took shape in 2004, when, with the integration of Romania in the European Union ,was seized favorable conjuncture of economic, industrial infrastructure development

arc business center


Dej Industrial Park project was realized by the management company ARC PARC INDUSTRIAL SRL and operates in accordance with the GO no.65/2001, Law and Law no.490/2002 nr.424/2006, obtaining the title of “Industrial Park” in the Order no. 972/2005 of the Administration and Interior Ministry. The title “industrial park” is valid for 30 years.

As a type of business support structure, the industrial park is a clearly delimited territorial structure, with among other things, aim to create and develop the infrastructure of buildings, utilities and services in order to attract local and foreign investments in the development area and at the same time to provide an environment in which entrepreneurs can share their knowledge, create partnerships and do business together.

The long term vision of the leadership Arc Industrial Park intends to strengthen its leading position in the area of business support system structures, our company motto is “the key to your success is by us.”